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Stretch-n-Paint Introduction:


Stretch-n-Paint is the 5 minute solution to stretching watercolor paper, canvas for oil painting or new oil painting paper. Whether you intend to paint on dry paper or use the wet-in-wet technique and complete the painting later, this product allows you to set up and start painting in as little as 5 minutes.

With three simple steps, Stretch-n-Paint will help you get flat paper for predictable painting without rippled, puddled paper or canvas. (skip the first step with canvas)

Stretch-n-Paint boards are designed so the rubber rod that holds the paper down also provides a space between stacked Stretch-n-Paint boards so you can stack wet painting without harming the painting that is drying on the Stretch-n-Paint board below.

Stretch-n-Paint boards come in three sizes for a full sheet, half sheet, and quarter sheet. Each Stretch-n-Paint board’s unique design allows any of the smaller sized watercolor papers to be stretched on the same board. (If you plan to use watercolor pencils, pressing very hard on the paper surface, special one-channel only boards can be made just for you – just let us know.)

Viedo2Please click here to view video of the product Video

Have fun painting!


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