Product Descriptions


Full sheet Stretch-n-Paint boards                                                             $99 + shipping
full sheet watercolor board $99The full-sheet size Stretch-n-Paint board is the greatest value for the dollar at 24” x 32” (80 cm. x 60 cm.).  It is large enough to allow you to stretch all three paper sizes, for full, half and quarter sheet size paper.  Each paper size is located on the board so that either a right handed or left handed artist can rest their hands on the board for stability when painting.


Half sheet Stretch-n-Paint boards                                                            $59 + shipping
half sheet board $59The half-sheet size Stretch-n-Paint board allows half sheet and quarter sheet paintings.  The board is large enough (24” x 17”, 60 cm. x 42 cm.) to allow you to stretch both the half sheet and quarter sheet size of paper.  Again the paper is located in a location on the board that makes painting easier.


Quarter sheet Stretch-n-Paint boards                                                     $39 + shipping
The quarter sheet size is the smallest of our paper stretching boards.  It is a perfect size (17” x 13”, 42 cm. x 32 cm.) for travelling or for “Plein Air” landscape painting.  The board provides a solid base for sketching as well as easy handling.


All Boards are crafted by Amish furniture makers in PA.
Artists, you can remove the rubber rods before painting, unless you want to stack paintings while they are still wet!




Please contact Chris Gallagher at chris@Stretch-n-Paint
for any returns, comments or concerns.

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